The Key Advantages of Online Records Management

The Key Advantages of Online Records Management


When managing your records there are certain advantages to moving your processes and storage online. Some of the main benefits of managing your records online are detailed below.

Reducing Costs

Using the internet for your records management needs can save a considerable amount of money across a number of areas. Organisations that produce and need to keep a lot of documents as part of their day-to-day running procedures often have to invest in storage for the documents. This could be offsite storage which usually incurs a monthly fee, or onsite storage which takes up premium office space. Scanning the documents that need to be kept and storing them online means that businesses can significantly reduce their storage costs and free up space within their offices.

Having documents that are scanned and stored online will also reduce the amount of time that staff members will need to spend searching through physical documents. Instead, they will be easily able to search through the scanned documents online using keywords and reference numbers.

Improved Access

Those organisations that store and manage their records online find that they have improved access to important documents.  With cloud technology, organisations can access their documents from any location, at any time as long as they have a secure internet connection and authorised access to the records. This means that employees across different locations can have access to the documents they need when they need them!

It also means that as soon as records are created and added to the online platform, everybody within the organisation that needs access to them can see them immediately without having to chase around or wait for them.

Added Security

Some people worry that hosting your records management online will leave important documents and information vulnerable to outside infiltration. However, if you choose a reputable company to host and store your online records with the threat of this actually happening is minimal. In fact, companies will be alerted if an unauthorised user tries to gain access to their files, so they have more control over their documents and sensitive information.

In addition, if documents are being stored virtually using the cloud, then there is no extra worry that information will be accidentally lost or destroyed. Even if the original paper document is destroyed there will also be a virtual copy that can be emailed, re-printed and duplicated if necessary. Multiple copies can also be stored on separate servers for added security.

There are multiple benefits to adopting an online records management system to either run alongside your in-house system or completely replace it.

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