Hybrid Document Management – What is it and what are the solutions?

When it comes to document management, many businesses are overwhelmed with a variety of choices and options. It is important to choose the right document management system for your organisation to make day-to-day running activities smoother and more efficient.

Hybrid document management is a great way to manage both paper and digital documents in a way that is secure and easily accessible. It is essentially the process of digitally scanning and storing paper documents which can then be stored, archived, destroyed or returned to you- eliminating the need for storing extensive amounts of paper records on your own premises. Having your paper documents stored electronically also saves huge amounts of time when you need to access them; instead of having to sift through reams of paper you can simply type in a keyword, invoice number or reference and all relevant results.

Integrated hybrid document management systems also allow you to access your documents from any location through the use of a tracked and secure online environment- making this a cost effective solution for businesses. For added security, document management firms such as Box-it Central can host your digitally scanned documents for you. Reducing the risk of down time and cutting the associated costs of having to provide your own in house server and storage system.

It’s not just paper documents such as invoices or wage bills that can be scanned and securely stored, hybrid document management can also be used to store images and photographs. Once digitally scanned you will then have a permanent record of these photographs that can be used over and over again, and even shared between different teams or departments-all whilst the original copy is kept free from damage or wear and tear.

With the range of benefits offered by implementing a hybrid document management system it is easy to see why it is fast becoming the preferred way of operating for a wide variety of organisations. Take the first step to creating your paperless office and read about the professional hybrid management systems offered by Box-it Central.

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