Planning for Scanning

Reducing the amount of physical paper files in the office has become a goal for many organisations.  While some choose to outsource archive storage to free up space, others prefer to have their paper documents converted into electronic files.  An increasing number of organisations use a combination of the two, frequently termed “œhybrid document management”.

Scanning reams of paperwork can be labour-intensive and impractical for many businesses so outsourcing to a trusted document management partner is a popular, cost-effective solution.

So what are the advantages of digital conversion?  One of the main benefits is time management and overall efficiency.  Searching for paper files takes time and can be a substantial hidden cost for many businesses.  Think about the time it takes to walk to a filing room, find the document and then return it once finished.  And that is presuming the document in question can be found easily and not misfiled!  Of course, electronic documents can usually be accessed efficiently from the convenience of a desk.

Well managed digital files provide increased document security to protect the integrity of information in the event of malicious or accidental loss/damage, or if disaster was to strike. Multiple back-ups both on and off-site, password protection for restricted “œauthorised only” access, encryption and comprehensive audit trails are just some of the security measures afforded by electronic filing.

Document management is made easier, especially when used in conjunction with our web hosted Omnidox solution.  And of course, reducing bulky paper archiving saves considerable office storage space which can then very often be put to more productive use. It doesn’t mean saying goodbye to those traditional paper files forever because storage can, if required, be outsourced.

At Box-it Central, we can help with all your scanning requirements, however large or small, from scanning to a disk, to cost-effective hosting via Omnidox. Once scanned, the paper originals can be stored in our secure warehouses, or if they are obsolete then safely destroyed using our confidential destruction service.

We realise it is not always practical or cost-effective for large volumes of back scanning to be done, and this is where our Scan-on-Demand service really is useful giving rapid secure online access to a specific document.

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