Shredding Witney

How does it work?

Step 1
Either call us to arrange collection of your shredding for ‘offsite destruction’ or make an appointment for our mobile shredding lorry to visit your premises for ‘onsite destruction’. Choose the service that suits your business needs best.
Step 2
If opting for ‘offsite shredding’, our ‘Box-it’ vehicles will bring your full, barcoded, tamper-proof sacks back to our own secure shredding facility for destruction. For ‘onsite shredding’ our lorry comes to your business. Our driver transfers the shredding in wheelie bins from your office to the lorry, and destroys the contents in front of your eyes!
Step 3
Certificates of Destruction are issued at the end of the shredding process which you retain for your records. You also have peace of mind that your shredded paper waste is ultimately recycled into new paper products, supporting the environment.
Shred my stuff!

map-of-ukBranch information

Box-it Central is the Midlands based regional office of the nationwide Box-it group of document management businesses. Our branch opened in 1997 and over the years has evolved to be one of the leading document management businesses in Warwickshire and Oxfordshire.

We provide a wide range of document management services to Witney based businesses, spanning both physical and digital records management solutions. Our services are secure, reliable and operate throughout Witney, Oxfordshire in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

Opening Hours

  • Monday – Friday: 8.30am – 5.00pm

Shredding Witney

Businesses looking for reliable, secure document shredding services in Witney should certainly consider Box-it Central. We provide secure document shredding to businesses in and around Witney, Woodstock, Eynsham, Curbridge and Burford and Oxfordshire’s A40 in general. We have a proven track record within the document shredding industry and shredding is in accordance with the secure destruction standard BS EN 15713:2009.

We provide two types of document shredding services:

Onsite shredding Our mobile shredding services cover Witney and neighbouring areas. By appointment, our mobile shredding lorry will come to your premises and destroy your paperwork onsite. It is about the size of a refuse lorry, so all we need is sufficient parking space at your facility. This is a highly secure way to destroy confidential paper records, and what’s more, you can do it from the convenience of your own Witney business address.

Offsite shredding Shredding in Witney also includes offsite shredding services. We can provide you with sacks to fill your shredding. Once full, we will collect from any Witney business address and return the full sacks to our shredding depot for destruction in a secure, 24 hour CCTV monitored environment. The whole process is tracked from collection to destruction. If your business is based in the Witney area, please give us a call to find out more about our shredding services.

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