The Journey of an Archive Box into Storage

It’s a hard life being a document archive box.  While some of us are well-travelled, others really don’t get out much!  In fact, it would be true to say that our lives start out rather ‘flat’ but crucially we have to possess plenty of strength for all those paper records that we end up carrying.  The reality is, it is only when we evolve from being ‘flat’ to ‘fat’ that we become truly appreciated. We want to tell you more about our story, the journey of an archive box into storage.

Flatpack archive boxes from Box-it

The first thing you need to know is that we come in three handy sizes: small (1) medium (2) and large (3) in packs of 10. You can order us by telephone or online via ‘CentralOps’ which makes ‘owning’ us very quick and easy, all for your convenience.  Our archive box journey begins near Warwick and Leamington Spa, and we can be delivered to businesses throughout Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Leicestershire and the West Midlands.

Far from being your average cardboard box, we are ‘built for purpose’ to keep your archived paper records safe. (You won’t find any flimsy lightweights among our archive box family at Box-it Central!)  Once you have requested us to be delivered to your business address, you are also asked to complete a New Box Deposit Sheet.  You fill us with your archive material, apply a barcode to each of us and use our corresponding barcode references on the New Box Deposit Schedule.

New Box Deposit Schedule

You then email the helpful people at Box-it Central (whose admin department will create a special work order) and they will come to collect us in their smart liveried Box-it vans.  The driver signs the New Box Deposit Schedule, scans the work order and then scans us.  It’s all very pain free and there is no cruelty to boxes involved!   We can’t wander off, or get lost, because once the driver has scanned us, he and his friends at Box-it know exactly where we are – our journey and all our movement is being tracked.

Box-it van

When we arrive at the Box-it Central warehouse (which is a rather like a five star hotel for archive boxes), we know we are going to be very well looked after.  The driver carefully removes us from the van and we are scanned again, and placed into an Incoming Holding area.  We then have some strapping wrapped round our cardboard bodies which we’re told is for added ‘anti-tamper’ security. We like that because it makes us feel more secure and stops our hats coming off.


Sporting the latest look in archive box ‘banding’, we promptly get taken to our dedicated shelf area in the Box-it Central secure warehouse.  And guess what? We are scanned again into our living space which means should you want us delivered back, our guardians at Box-it Central know exactly where to find us and they can bring us straight back to your premises.

Boxes storage 3

Being left on the shelf, takes on a whole new meaning when you’re an archive box.  But we’re not lonely, because there are plenty of us in store at Box-it Central (some 180,000+ to be more accurate!) and we reside in comfort on some very smart racking. The conditions are perfect for us and our contents. This is the luxury of living in a humidity-controlled area. And, we know we are always safe because we are protected by smoke and intruder alarms, and there’s a CCTV camera watching us at Box-it Central 24/7.  So much safer than if we had been archived at our own premises, and because of our barcoding, authorised people know exactly where to find us, as every movement is recorded in an audit trail.

So, while it’s a hard life, it’s also a good life when you’re an archive box living in document storage at Box-it Central.

Document Storage at Box-it Central

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