Paper Storage

We offer a secure document storage service for your physical archives.

Our site has security barrier access and is monitored by 24 hr CCTV. All our immaculate warehouses are equipped with intruder/smoke alarms (linked directly to the emergency services). Racked throughout, they are also pest and humidity-controlled to provide the ideal environment for archiving your physical records.

We can also supply you with all the consumables you need, such as robust cardboard archive boxes and plan holders in a range of sizes.  You can download our Document Storage e-brochure here.

A cataloguing service providing an inventory of all your physical archive content is also available.

Barcode Identification and Tracking

We use the latest barcode scanning technology available to the document storage industry.

By applying a unique barcode to your box or file, we can track and trace its exact location in our storage facility, and store other information relating to it in our archive management system.

Should you want to retrieve a box or file, it’s an easy and accurate process, and we deliver it back to you, either physically or electronically.

We track all movement in and out of storage. Our systems provide a comprehensive audit trail of activity for ‘best practice’.

You can manage your archive inventory and its associated barcode information online, using our Omnidox Records Manager portal.

We supply you with the barcode labels as you need them.

Collections & Retrievals

We provide a collections and retrievals service to suit your needs, via our own fleet of liveried vehicles, all of which are monitored through GPS tracking. We never sub-contract, which means you have the reassurance that deliveries and collections are only made by Box-it staff. Our courteous drivers are uniformed, carry photo ID and have undergone the necessary DBS checks.

There are a variety of services available. Order by 3pm for next day delivery as part of our Standard Service. An ‘Express Service’ is also available for ‘same day delivery’ to accommodate any urgent requests, or you can choose ‘Scan on Demand’ for electronic delivery via a secure, password protected web link.

If you need to return a box or file, or add to your existing archive, you can book our ‘Collections’ service as required by emailing your request to:

Omnidox Records Manager (ORM)

Our secure web-based portal allows you to manage your physical archive content online, from any location with internet access. It is a hassle-free, proven system that drives consistency for ‘best practice’ and supports compliance with the GDPR.

Omnidox Records Manager (ORM) gives you centralised control of your physical archive which means you can manage paper records across multiple departments and locations. With ORM, you can monitor all activity, generate a variety of user permissions for added security, and view the status of your archived records at box or file level.

Among the many handy features of ORM, you can also request retrievals/redeliveries, order collections and consumables, check the status of an existing order, and schedule prompts for timely reminders such as review dates or destruction. It also provides some reporting functionality, including audit trails as ‘evidence of activity’.

ORM is very user-friendly with simple ‘add to basket’ features, and quick to implement.

Download an e-brochure for comprehensive details about ORM, or contact us for further information.

Scan on Demand

If you prefer your documents returned electronically, then our Scan on Demand service is an ideal solution. Many of our clients choose this service to support their environmental policies, and it is of course, ideal for those situations when a specific record is needed in a hurry.

How does it work? We locate your requested document/s in the specified box or file, scan it in, then upload the file to our secure web based repository, Omnidox, which is hosted and maintained by Box-it in the UK. We then send you a secure password protected link, allowing you to download the electronic copy of your record to your own computer, or device.

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