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Document Storage

Box-it Central provides a range of secure document storage services for both physical and digital archiving in the heart of Warwickshire. You can store your physical archives in our purpose-built warehouses, or your digital documents in our secure Omnidox cloud, a platform which has won multiple industry awards.

Many organisations hold a combination of physical and digital records, which is why Box-it has developed effective solutions for integrated document management.

Should you need supporting services, such as cataloguing or document destruction, we can provide these too along with any archiving consumables.

As your document management partner, we can provide a total solution for the lifecycle of your physical and digital records.

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Our document storage processes, systems and facilities provide the basis for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Compliance is imperative to avoid the consequences of substantial fines, up...
Digital Storage
Box-it Central is not just about paper document storage! Our Omnidox repository for secure digital document storage is a viable solution for businesses of all sizes, providing reporting features to...
Paper Storage
We offer a secure document storage service for your physical archives. Our site has security barrier access and is monitored by 24 hr CCTV. All our immaculate warehouses are equipped...
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