Document storage

A place for all your confidential documents across the UK and Ireland

Storage Services

We store a range of different types of documents ranging from architects drawings, through to marketing literature and everything in-between. We also have specially designed fire retardant storage for more sensitive documents and back up tapes.

Barcode tracking

Whether it’s an individual file you wish to store, a backup tape or boxes full of your records, we will provide everything with its unique barcode. This, combined with the fact that our database is able to hold a range of information relating to your records, enables you to recall your information quickly and easily.

ORM (Omnidox Records Manager)

Our powerful, simple to use portal enables you to search in real time for any information relating to the record you have in store or at your premises. The intuitive, web based solution also enables you to request redelivery, order collections, check the status of an existing order as well as being able to provide you with simple reporting functionality.

Account management

Each one of our accounts is managed by a dedicated account manager, who will be able to handle any out of the ordinary requirements as well as ensuring that you are receiving the right service for your needs. Through our software we can also provide you with a range of management information to suit your requirements.

Once your record has come to the end of its life, which is determined by your document retention policy, we will notify you and wait for you to confirm that the box can be destroyed using our destruction service.


Our pricing policy offers you choice of fixed price or activity based options. Our fixed priced option enables you to fix your price providing you with certainty of yours costs, whilst our activity based pricing offers you competitively priced storage with charges being applied only when you require access to your information.

Call us now on 0845 468 0135 to discuss your requirements further or fill out our quick quote form and book your free records management review.