Document storage

A place for all your confidential documents across the UK and Ireland

Collection & Retrievals

For the physical collection/delivery of your box/file or tape we use our own tracked vehicles and DBS checked staff, which provides us with total control and gives you peace of mind.


We have a range of different sized vehicles, from vans through to articulated lorries and can work with you regards any specific requirements that you have.


You can request your box/file or tape back via email or using our web based portal. Our standard retrieval service allows you to order before 1500 hrs and expect delivery the following working day, however, we do recognise that you may need your information more quickly and our same day delivery service does just that.

For back-up tapes we offer a bespoke rotation service, re-delivering the tapes in line with your requirements on a daily/weekly or monthly basis.

Scan on demand services

An alternative to receiving the hardcopy box or file is our securely hosted scan on demand service. This service is ideal if you need the record back quickly and in electronic format. Once we have found your document it is scanned and uploaded to our own servers based in the UK. You will be provided with a user name and password to our web based software solution and can then download your document wherever you are in the world.

Call us now on 0845 468 0135 to discuss your requirements further or fill out our quick quote form and book your free records management review.