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It’s Calendar Time

Each month we share with you our forthcoming calendar image.  And with August all but a few days away, there’s no time like the present for sharing next month’s image with you.  Starring our one and only Andrea, August promotes Omnidox Records Manager demonstrating how easy it is to retrieve a box (or a file for that matter) from storage.  We use an advanced barcoding system which pinpoints the exact location of a box, or a file.

Box-it Central August Calendar image

Download August preview

Omnidox Records Manager, or ORM as we call it here at Box-it, is a really nifty online ordering system which takes all the hassle out of managing physical archives.  Equally, when you want to return a box to archive, or add a new box or file, you can use ORM to place your order.  You can see whose requested what, and whether it’s in or out of storage to name but a few of its many features.  If you want full control of your physical archive content, then ORM is the ideal solution.

Want to find out more about ORM?  Please get in touch and request a demo or download our brochure here.